Friday, June 13, 2008

Thing #9 - Useful blogs

Well now I completely understand how I have lost my husband for hours on end...he's reading blogs!! I have NO idea where the time went. I was playing in Library2Play Land, working on Thing #9 and ended up in a time warp...four hours later, I managed to pull myself back into the real world and post my findings. Unbelieveable. Not only did I find so many professional blogs to read, but I also found some great stuff to read in all of my spare time.

I found Google Blog Search to be the most user friendly for me. Technorati was a little overwhelming, but I did find a great scrapbook blog using it, so it wasn't a total waste. Where I got off track (and almost lost) was when I started looking through the bloggers blog rolls. I wanted to see what they were reading. At one point, I was so deep into the blogs of the readers of the blog readers that I was reading I just had to stop and say enough is enough. Now, I think I'm confused!

Anyway, the best part is that I found out that if I want to get my husband's attention I need to write a really awesome blog and make sure HE has it on his RSS feed!

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