Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Inspiration through Graphic Zen

Zen Pencils Volume Two: Dream the Impossible Dream (publication date: 10/13/15) is wonderful book filled with inspirational quotes from an interesting group of people (Maya Angelou, Issac Asimov, Chris Hardwick, Jim Henson, Amy Poehler, and William Shakespeare). Each is presented in a graphic format (like a comic or cartoon for those unfamiliar with this genre). The manner in which Gavin Aung Than represents each of the writer's words forces the reader to alter their personal perception of some of the most memorable lines of inspiration (Kahlil Gibran's "Work is love made visible." and Shakespeare's "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.").

I can see this book being used in a high school English class in order to help student's to visualize required reading assignments. I'm not a believer in requiring students to read certain books (I am all about free choice when it comes to reading), however I know it happens every year. I believe if students were given the task of representing a quote or portion of a reading in a creative manner, it might make the assignment more meaningful and more learning will occur.

Zen Pencils Volume Two:
Dream the Impossible Dream
by Gavin Aung Than

*To comply with new guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, Andrews McMeel Publishing has provide a copy of Zen Pencils Volume Two: Dream the Impossible Dream in eBook format for review purposes. This review is my opinion and is in no way influenced by the publishing company.