Thursday, July 25, 2013

Halloween Safety Guide ... for Scaredies

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween
by Mélanie Watt
Are you thinking to yourself, "Texas Library Lady it is July! Why are your writing about Halloween?!?" Well, my answer is simple, you can never be too early for Scaredy Squirrel and his helpful, handy hints, better known as his safety guides. Not only that, but in order to be completely prepared, you have to, well, prepare! Just think about it. Halloween will be here before you know it.

Scaredy Orville Squirrel (appropriate initials follow - S.O.S.) provides everyone with the essentials necessary to survive Halloween, and it is all in this handy guide clearly outlined in eight short chapters. With the use of his favorite means: lists, diagrams, and maps, S.O.S. provides readers with a hysterical (or should I say "nutty") ways to get ready for All Hallows Eve.

He starts off with a quiz in order to evaluate your level of need for this guide (if you score anywhere between 1 - 8, it is the perfect book for you). Other features in this safety guide include the following:  a plan to help you danger proof your home (be sure to place your "blender on HIGH" at the top of your home -the "deafening noises [is] sure to keep ghosts and goblins away!" - even if they are fictional), a handy guide to help you pick the perfect costume (they range from "unscary" to "terrifying" - my personal favorite - the Theoretical Physicist - and in case you are wondering, he is listed as "unscary") for the scariest of all holidays, and a chart to help you choose the perfect size container needed to transport your candy.

Scaredy Squirrel provides a great deal of laughs for all in this wonderful book preparing young children for Halloween. Yes, S.O.S. is funny and everyone will have fun reading this safety guide, but when it comes down to the "nuts" and bolts of this book, it is a fantastic way to talk to kids about Halloween. This special day for children is no longer the carefree adventure it was when I was young. It is a day when some people choose to prey on the innocent. We shouldn't have to inspect our children's candy before they can eat it, but Scaredy reminds readers of the importance of "Detecting Quality" when he advises readers to "hand it over for thorough inspection." He even provides some alternative solutions to the door-to-door tradition, by suggesting party planning tips and activities.

You can read the history of Halloween or you can recall your own experiences from childhood, but I think the humorous manner in which Scaredy Squirrel presents Halloween will be one you and your family will want to revisit each year. Don't delay in picking up a copy of this book. I mean, after all, you don't have too much time....

Just look how many days are left!!

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Deborah Sloan said...

I saw that you featured SCAREDY SQUIRREL PREPARES FOR HALLOWEEN and thought, you might just get a kick out of this just released Halloween Public Service Announcement from Scaredy Squirrel and Kids Can Press. It's a quick one-minute share of Top 3 Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating.