Saturday, September 27, 2014

Still Reading....

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

I continue to read even if I don't post. I don't always feel the need or the ability to write about the books I read. In fact one of the best books I read over the summer, The Giver by Lois Lowry is one of those books. I hate to admit I had never read the book, but it is true. So after seeing Mrs. Lowry and Jeff Bridges over the summer talk about the release of The Giver Movie, I simply had to read the book and then see the movie. I was moved by both and will forever be thankful I was able to hear the author speak about this amazing book.
Barbara Stripling (ALA President), Jeff Bridges, & Lois Lowry
ALA President's Program, June 29, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada

This weekend I actually finished two books. The first I stumbled upon through NetGalley.To begin, I will say I am NOT a fan of flying. I am terrified of heights and if God had intended for me to fly, He would have put wings on my back. That being said, when I recently had to fly I observed the flight attendants who took care of me and my husband during our flight. I was curious to know if they were married, had children, and why they had chosen this particular profession. I was not thinking anything derogatory, just simple curiosity. When I stumbled across Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant, I hoped I would learn at least a few of the answers to the questions I had earlier in the summer. I was pleasantly surprised when reading Ms. Pearl's book. I loved reading the stories of families boarding the airplane, the misadventures of the pilots, and other very interesting tales presented in this book. Did Ms. Pearl come across as mean to the passengers who disrespected her in "her office"? No, I don't believe she did. We, as passengers, need to step back and realize we are coming into their place of work. We cannot be obnoxious, rude, or inebriated in public businesses. What makes anyone think they have the right to act that way in an airplane where others cannot simply leave the premises? Ms. Pearl's stories were not only insightful, but should be eye-opening to those who are frequent flyers. The sad part is those who NEED to read this book in order to see what she has written about them, are probably not readers. If they ARE readers, then they will probably not see themselves as part of the problem.
Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant
by Sydney Pearl

I have friends who are pilots and flight attendants for major airlines.I also have a lot of friends who fly. I will definitely be telling them about this book! Not only so some of them can have a good laugh, but also so some of them can change their ways and make life a little easier for the ones who take care of us while flying.

Ms. Pearl conveyed feelings I have often wanted to express as an educator, such as "Who is the parent here?" Her observations were spot on for parents, especially. I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. It reminded me of Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica and The Nanny Diaries: A Novel by Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

Still Foolin' Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going,
and Where the Hell Are My Keys?
by Billy Crystal

While reading the above Diary I learned of Billy Crystal's new book Still Foolin' Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? while watching The View. I was particularly moved by the tribute he and Whoopi Goldberg had for their friend and colleague Robin Williams on September 19th. I have always enjoyed great comedians and the trio of Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams will forever be one of my all time favorites. Their work on Comic Relief will always be classic and will always make me laugh. When I heard about his new book, I immediately looked online to see if my local public library had a copy. The book was checked out, but the audiobook (which is really what I wanted, since Billy won Audiobook of the Year - he also received an award in the humor category and best narration by an author) was available. I was so excited. I am not usually one to listen to audiobooks. I don't have a long commute to work, can't really listen in the office, and don't want to fall asleep listening because I don't want to miss a thing. For Billy, I made the exception and he has converted me. (I have already downloaded the next audiobook I will be listening to in the coming days.)

Still Foolin' Em was phenomenal! I was going to say, "Mahvelous", but I thought it might be too corny! I loved hearing about his life growing up, the start of his family and career, and his love of Muhammad Ali and the New York Yankees. I really feel like I know him so much better as a person now and not just a celebrity. It was very insightful and revealing of who he is as a person and not an over the top "look at me". He made me laugh. He made me cry. He made me think about my own life.  It was a great read and I highly recommend a listen, no foolin'!