Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing #1 - Better Late (and out of order) Than Never

In Thing #2 I listed two of the hardest parts of the "7 1/2 Habits". Since I didn't really follow directions on that (list one!) what makes anyone think I will continue to abide by the rules. Just call me rebel. At least I'm getting back to it...the easiest of the habits...obviously that one is easy for me...PLAY!

I love to play. Read the directions, you've got to be kidding. When I watched my son open a new game and search through the box for the instructions, I really though he was someone else's child! Read the instructions, no way! You've got to fiddle with it, push a few buttons, and play with it in order to figure out how something works. I can do this! I know I can. Just give me some time and I will have this whole thing figured out...eventually!

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