Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am so excited to see MY President will help our country move FORWARD with four more years.

In the summer of 2005, my family and I attended the American Library Associations Annual Conference in Chicago. On June 27, 2005, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear Illinois Senator Barack Obama speak. Following his speech my son, Timothy and I went to get into the long line to have a book signed. Timothy was so excited. When we finally made our way to the front of the line Senator Obama took the time to shake Timothy's hand and speak to him for a few minutes. It was such a wonderful experience. I told him, "When you run, not if you run for President, you have my vote!" As we were walking away, Mr. Obama turned to the lady standing to his right and made the comment, "What a wonderful young man." I still hear those words, and believe them today. After we had our book signed, there was a group of us chanting, Obama '08. He actually turned to us and said, "Hey guys, I have not said I am running"
 Now, seven years later I am so excited to say we are moving FORWARD with four more years of service from this great man, President Barack Obama. It is ironic that I am writing this as I am watching the election returns. President Obama is about to walk out onto the very same stage where we first saw him in McCormick Place (pictured above) to give his re-election acceptance speech.

Now, like all of us, Timothy is older and wiser. He is not old enough to vote, even though he is a much more informed non-voter than a number of voters I know, but he can, and did, let his voice be heard! He is still a strong Obama supporter, and was very sad he would not be able to vote in the election.