Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thing #10 - Online Image Generator

Again I have lost a couple of hours "playing around"! I don't know where the times goes. I had a blast creating all kinds of fun images using the various image gnerators. My favorite was Big Huge Labs. These are some of my favorites.

I love the warholized picture of my son. This is one of my very favorite pictures of him and it really looks cool with this affect.

I created this trading card for our upcoming family reunion. The first card is in memory of my cousin Cynthia. I was with her at this time last year when she found out her breast cancer had spread throughout her body. We were not able to go to our family reunion last year because she was in the hospital. We talked to the family on the phone from her hospital room. This year I would like to give these cards to our family as a remembrance of Cynthia and a reminder that annual mammograms are vital for early detection. She was diagnosed in November 2006. She did not even survive for a year. She was only 37. Too many times women are not allowed annual mammograms through their insurance until they are 40. By that time it might be too late. Cynthia's sister, Charlotte and I have become even more involved in breast cancer awareness since Cynthia's death.

I would love to use the trading cards this next year in order to promote the Texas 2x2 list to my students. I think it would be great to create a trading card for each book and when the students have had the book read to them, they can get the trading card.

I have created the following example from the 2008 list.

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