Friday, July 3, 2015

Size: A First Poem Book About Size by Felicia Law

by Felicia Law
Size, part of the Patchwork series, is a poetry book that focuses on the concept of somethings dimension or area for which an object occupies in space. The illustrations are bright and very appealing and go well with each of the poems. In fact, for some of the poems the illustration is almost vital for understanding.

The poems include the following:
  • Huge Elephant
  • All Sorts
  • Big, Small
  • Socks
  • Tall Flower
  • Little Bug
  • Big Sister
  • Growing In and Out
  • My Two Cats
  • Growing Together 
Each poem relates to size in a different manner. Young children may not relate the concept of size to each of the poems on initial reading. However with subsequent readings, reflections and comparisons can be made in order to better understand size. I would not use this book to simply teach the concept of size. I believe the poems are an excellent way to extend the children's learning and increase their vocabulary. For older children the poems can be used as an example prior to the creation of their own concept poetry or creative writing.

The book ends with a two page list of concept words included in the book. Upon my initial reading of the list of words, I was a bit confused as to why cat, elephant, and ladybug were listed among the "concept words". After researching the word, I learned it can be a general idea of something conceived in the mind. I have always thought of concepts as more abstracts - shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

Not only did I discover a great new title that combines mathematics and poetry, but I walked away learning something new. My perception of the word concept has now been forever changed because of a children's picture book about size. Interesting turn of events, but I will take learning whenever and wherever I can get it.

I would recommend this book for the non-fiction collection of a children's library, especially for schools serving students in Prekindergarten and above.

*To comply with new guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, Norwood House Press has provided a complimentary electronic copy of Size for review purposes. My review is in no way influenced by the author or publisher and is strictly my opinion.