Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline

In April 2012, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Lisa Scottoline at the Texas Library Association Conference. I was a fan before hearing her speak, but became a superfan following her presentation when I got to meet her. My mother and I attended the luncheon together. I got in line to have our books autographed I asked Ms. Scottoline if I could take a picture of her. She was very kind and allowed me to snap this picture.

Lisa Scottoline
April 2012 - Houston, Texas

When I told her I was there with my mother she asked where she was. I told her she was waiting over to the side - she was using a scooter to get around during the conference. Ms. Scottoline got up from the table, walked over to my mother, gave her a hug and took a picture with her. 

Lisa Scottoline and my Mother Marge
April 2012 - Houston, Texas
Ms. Scottoline took the time to greet my mother means the world to me. If I remember correctly this was Ms. Scottoline's book tour had to be cut short because Mother Mary became ill the day after her appearance at the conference.

Like I said, I have been a superfan for a number of years. I have been frantically reading and writing reviews for pre-publication books (some of which I post here, not all however are allowed), but I had to take the time to read something I wanted to read recently. It was not at all difficult to choose the book I wanted to read - Keep Quiet (2014). 
Keep Quiet
by Lisa Scottoline (2014)

What an amazing read. I was captured from the start of this book. I could relate to the characters and felt great empathy for their turmoil. Keep Quiet is the kind of book you cannot put down, even when I could no longer keep my eyes open. It is also the kind of book you cannot keep quiet about. I talked to everyone about this book. I think some people were at the point of walking away from me just to see if I would stop talking. No, I did not. The tension in the story builds from the first chapter and doesn't release you from its grasp until the final one. 

Every book I read by Scottoline is gripping. I don't review many of her books because she is SO fabulous she really needs no help from me. I just wanted to pass along my praise and appreciation to her. I look forward to reading her Sunday posts and seeing the adorable pictures of her four- and two-legged family members (the furry, the feathered, and the daughter). I know she is a bestselling author, but she seems more like a friend and as a fan, I truly want to thank her for showing us all that she is a very down to earth kind of person. Thank you, Ms. Scottoline.