Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Magic from Sylvie Desrosiers

Hocus Pocus Takes the Train
by Sylvie Desrosiers
I have always loved magic and magicians. Two years ago, when I was serving as the chair of the Texas 2x2 Reading List Committee, I remember opening a box of books from Kids Can Press. Inside was a copy of Desrosiers's first Hocus Pocus book. I fell in love with the adorable blue bunny (Hocus Pocus) and the four legged companion to the magician, a grumpy dog. Hocus Pocus lives in the magicians hat and causes quite a fuss when he spies a carrot in a grocery bag. You will have to read Hocus Pocus to enjoy the hillarity yourself.

The same fun can be had in Sylvie Desrosiers latest book Hocus Pocus Takes the Train. You are in luck because this book was released August 1st, so you don't have to wait to pick up this wonderful new graphic novel (wordless picture book) for young children. Non-readers will have a splendid time "reading" the bright pictures by Remy Simard. Once again Hocus Pocus finds himself in a predicament. The magician has purchased a ticket for the train. He has just enough time to grab a cup of coffee for himself and a bone for his dog before boarding. While the magician and his crumugeon canine enjoy a treat, Hocus Pocus is able to escape from his hat home. He quickly spots a stuffed purple rabbit dropped by a toddler at the next table and his adventure begins. Before he knows it the magician is gone and Hocus Pocus has to figure out how to get aboard the train with his new purple friend.

A heartwarming ending allows young children to see the lost can be found. Not only does this book provide a funny story anyone can read and enjoy, it also provides parents an opportunity to talk to their children about holding hands and staying together when out in public. I'm sure it is not the message Desrosiers intended, but one can never err on the side of safety, especially when it comes to our children.

*To comply with new guidelines introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Kids Can Press, has provided a complimentary electronic copy of this book for review purposes. My review is in no way influenced by the author or publishing company and is solely my opinion.