Saturday, July 5, 2014

Idioms - I hope you are "All Ears" for this one!

Idioms are combinations of words which have a figurative meaning. Every language has idioms and the figurative meaning is completely different than the literal meaning of the combined words.

Eye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms
and Silly Pictures
written by Vanita Oelschlager;
illustrated by Robin Hegan

Eye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms and Silly Pictures fifteen idioms of the English language are illustrated and explained. My favorite illustration in this book is the very first idiom - "All ears". In fact, I was a little disappointed when the rest of the book didn't have a double entendre. I love how Ms. Hegan created a visual of this idiom.

an illustration from Eye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms
and Silly Pictures

The idiom for each page is large, in an easily read font. The text explaining the idiom is small at the bottom of the page and includes an example of the idiom in context. This format provides the reader for a large group to simply read the idiom in order to have the listeners predict the meaning. For very young children this could be a very funny experience. For second language learners it can be an extremely beneficial way in which to help them understand the English language.  

Some of the other idioms used in the book include the following :

  • Bone to pick with you.
  • Cold feet
  • Head over heels in love and
  • Cat got your tongue
The last page of the book is dedicated to explaining the word idiom and includes three examples of their hidden meanings. Now, as an adult I have to say this is the most interesting parts of the book. It was fascinating to read how "Let your hair down", "Egg on your face", and "Bury your head in the said" came to be a part of our culture and language. Knowing the background of the idiom makes it more interesting, especially knowing how far society has come in some instances.

This book is written for children approximately 4 to 8. I believe the brightly colored illustrations will immediately grab their attention and the idioms will begin to be a part of their every day speaking. Children are captivated by new vocabulary and word combinations that make them laugh. The marriage of phrases and text is perfect for young children in helping them to understand expressions they may have heard all of their life, but never fully understood until now.

*To comply with new guidelines introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Vanita Books has provided a complimentary electronic copy of this book for review purposes. My review is in no way influenced by the author or publishing company and is solely my opinion.