Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing #5 - Flickr

I have been using Flickr for some time now to share photos. The best parts are the tagging and sharing features. I love the fact that I can enter keywords and locate pictures so quickly and easily. My TALL Texans class of 2006 posted pictures to Flickr so we could share, not only our experience, but the pictures we had such a great time taking of each other. There is no way I could have taken all of the pictures I wanted to take, but my friends shared their photos, giving me more photos than I could put into two scrapbooks!

The tagging feature makes it so easy to locate just the right pictures, and sometimes, just the wrong ones too. The groups allow members to share photos among themselves while keeping other's eyes from viewing the photos. It is a sharing community in which all members can view the picture .

I was not familiar with the Creative Commons Site, but quickly discovered there were quite a few kanagroo pictures to choose from for this post. I collect kangaroos, because my school's mascot is the kangaroo. My students love to see kangaroos and I have them all over my library. I thought this was a unique picture. I love the reflection. Not only would this be a great photo to use with the children at the beginning of the year when talking about our mascot, but also a great way to demonstate mirror image.
I know Flickr will be a site I use, not only to share my family photos but also to search for photos for instructional purposes.


Ms. B said...

You collect kangaroos? You should go to Australia and visit their petting zoos. The mother kangas will let you pet their joeys right in their pouches. I will post a picture of one when I get that far in the 23 Things. (Tiger Talk. They are so adorable. Your blog looks great!

Texas Library Lady said...

I would love to go to Australia, someday. A friend went a few years back and brought me some kangaroos. I have WAY too many kangaroos to count. Every time I see one, I have to buy it. They are not always that easy to find, so when the opportunity arises...I buy!

peace out ~ h said...

I dig your blog! And you've got links and everything! I need to do that 23 things too! Okay I'm gonna go check out your other blog. (I love the colors on this one..) Also, fyi, wildflower_girl is "holly"

Katyroo said...

Our HS mascot is the Buckeye - yeah, lots and lots of those action figures around (ha!), but I did my undergrad work at Austin College in Sherman - we are the fighting Kangaroos (hence my screenname) and I have a good bit of Roo goodness around the school library.

My Aussie buddies will be at IASL in Oakland in early Aug, so I may be able to pick up more roo goodies at the silent auction that benefits travel scholarships for school librarians in developing nations.

Texas Library Lady said...

My niece graduated from Austin College in May. I was so excited when the book store was open. I was able to get a few kangaroo things that day.

I buy anything I can find with a 'roo! Good luck on your silent auction goodies. It's a good thing I'm not going to be there to bid against you! :)