Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thing #12 - Creating Community Through Commenting

1.A. Profile name vs. Real name

I have been reading and commenting on my friend's blog for a number of months now. When I make a comment, I have used my real name. This trend started by mistake actually, but I never made the change. When I enrolled as one of her readers, I entered my e-mail address and my name. It didn't occur to me at the time to enter a different name. Now, when I respond to posts on my blog, I always use my profile name. Again, this just happened, but in order to stay consistant I didn't change anything.

1.B. Responding to comments

I always feel the need to respond to a comment someone leaves on my blog. It makes me feel like I am letting the person know I am listening and validating their comments, but don't always post them publicly. If a question is posted, I can provide an answer in this manner, in case other readers have the same question. I like the fact that Draper defends those who do not respond on their blog to comments. I don't think it is necessary to respond to all comments because some of them are simply fluff the reader feels the need to show their appreciation or personal view point. In the same manner, not all comments need to be posted for the world to see. I have set up my blog so I can moderate the comments. If I don't feel it is an important / valid comment I do not publish it on my blog.

2. I responded to the following blogs : Life Long Learning, Paddy Whack, Texas Gal Talks, Kinder2:), Library Lion .

3. My favorite blog to read is my elementary best friend's blog. I try to read it every day. It helps me keep in touch with her and know what she and her family are doing in Thailand (her husband was transferred in January). I love the pictures and her posts are just like talking to her. It really is like sitting down to talk to an old friend. Well, trying to find another blog that I would read for personal interest was a little more difficult. I love so many different things and to limit it on this post to just one was not easy. However, I did find the blog of one of my favorite authors to be most enjoyable. I fell in love with Outlander in the early 90s when my sister-in-law introduced me to them. I love the characters so much that I have been reading the fourth book in the series for the past 7 years. When I pick up the book, I limit myself to only a chapter or two. I don't want the book to end. I know this sounds crazy, but I am very involved in the character's lives.

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