Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thing #13 - Tagging and Discover Del.icio.us

I love Del.icio.us. It has made it so much easier to keep track of the various personal and professional websites I use (some on a daily basis, but most once or twice a month). I especially like being able to access my bookmarks from anywhere. Prior to using Del.icio.us I would have a difficult time trying to find the website I needed because the URL was posted in my favorites but I was on the wrong computer. Now, I can be on anyone's computer and have access to all of my favorite websites without having to remember the URL. Now, I need a way to remember all of my various login informaiton in a secure way. I guess that would not be best to have access to online, but at least I would not have to constantly have an e-mail sent to me because I can't remember my username and/ or password! Hmmm...something to create, or maybe it is already out there and I just need to find it!

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