Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thing #15 - Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the Future of Libraries

I was tickled by the "just in case" collection metioned in Rick Anderson's post "Away fromth 'Icebergs'. I was in the mindset of having two sets of printed encyclopedias ... for FOUR YEAR OLDS (how crazy am I?), until this past year. I finally got it into my head that, number 1 they can't read anyhow, why have these huge resources in which they will proably NEVER even look (especially where I had to have them on the shelf), and number 2 why not withdraw them and allow the shelf to be used for placing materials that might actually be opened (at least once) by some of our library patrons. I had these resources "just in case" someone needed them. Well, now with the online databases, I didn't feel the need to have these out of date books up on the shelf. Yes, ten years ago someone might have accessed these books, but now they are just not vital to the collection.

I'm really having to think hard about how I can implement 2.0 into my school library. I feel limited as to what I can do because of the age of my students, but I have to remember, I also work with adults. I can take these different "things" and incorporate them into my interactions and teachings with my classroom teachers. Too often I only focus on the children. I need to step back and remember I also serve the facult and staff, as well as the parents in my building. The focus of the 2.0 resources do not simply have to be for the students. They can enhance all areas of the library and all patrons as well. My brain is on overload thinking of all of the different ways I can implement these tasks I have been working on for the past six weeks.

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VWB said...

using 2.0 as a teacher or librarian is just as important as having kids do it, because it exposes the kids to the tools...and then when they are age-appropriate ready, they will be ready willing and able to use!
but I hope you are finding things that you can and will use with the kids.