Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Challenge - Texas 2x2 Tuesday

November 11th - Texas 2x2 Tuesday - Pip & Squeak by Ian Schoenherr

Pip & Squeak
by Ian Schoenherr
I guess you could say it is arctic wind that has blown down on us in the past twelve hours that has started me thinking about two of my favorite little mice, Pip & Squeak. They are running late to their friend Gus's birthday. Squeak reminds Pip to get the gift. For those diligent observers, you will see the gift is a wedge of cheese. The rest of the story is the adventure Pip and Squeak go on as they make their way through the snow. When they are well on their way to see Gus, Squeak realizes they forgot the gift. Now what will they take to the birthday boy? 

Young and old readers alike will enjoy not only the characters and storyline (especially the humorous interactions between Pip and Squeak), but also the wonderful illustrations created by Ian Schoenherr. This is one of my favorite stories to read to my students when the weather turns cold. I love to hear their predictions and their surprise when they find out the ending to this fun tale.

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