Monday, November 10, 2014

November Challenge - Mystery Monday

November 10th -  Mystery Monday - Elvis and the Dearly Departed by Peggy Webb

Elvis and the Dearly Departed
by Peggy Webb

I have always heard, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but when you work with four-year-olds all day, everyday that is JUST what you do! My students can't read so that is exactly HOW they judge a book. If their attention is captured by the picture on the cover, that is the book they are going to check out. Well, this is the case with Peggy Webb's book Elvis and the Dearly Departed, my Mystery Monday selection for this week. My attention was initially caught by the adorable basset hound on the cover AND the name Elvis in the title. That was all I needed to see in order to know I wanted to read more. This is the first book in the Southern Cousins Mysteries. There are currently five books in the series (the last Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse was published in 2012).

Elvis is a basset hound who is convinced he is the reincarnation of The King, Elvis Presley. Elvis' human mom, Callie Valentine Jones (hair dresses for the recently deceased at the Eternal Rest Funeral Home) and her wake catering cousin, Lovie find themselves in a mystery when the body of a local prominent doctor goes missing. Even though this is a mystery, there is great comic relief in not only this book, but the entire series.

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