Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Challenge - Mystery Monday

November 24 - Mystery Monday - Scrapbook Mystery series by Laura Childs

A Scrapbook Mystery Series
by Laura Childs
When you have a hobby or passion you try to find your joy in all things you do in your life. One of my greatest passions in life is reading. I'm sure that is kind of obvious. There are other hobbies and interests I have too, including football and scrapbooking. So, when I discovered Laura Childs's (pseudonym of Gerry Schmitt) Scrapbook Mystery series I knew I was in heaven. Not only could I enjoy preserving my family memories through the use of beautiful papers, stickers, and of course my photos, but I could carry the enthusiasm for this creative hobby over into my reading.

Carmela Bertrand, the owner of a scrapbook store in New Orleans is the protagonist in this twelve (to date) book series. Although Carmela is constantly finding herself in the middle of a mystery, she still finds the time to create amazing scrapbooks. I love to read about her creations and only wish I had the skill and ability to replicate some of the cool techniques Childs describes in her books. If you are a crafty person, a lover of mysteries, or a fan of NOLA, I believe you will enjoy this series. 

Other series written by Childs includes The Teashop Mysteries and The Cackleberry Club Mysteries.
The Teashop Mysteries revolve around Theodosia Browning, the owner of the Indigo Tea Shop, and the mysterious and historical city of Charleston, South Carolina. The Cackleberry Club Mysteries are set in a fictional town in the Midwest. Three women in the mid-forties have launched an egg themed cafe which offers a yarn shop and a cozy book nook. This series provides the reader with great recipes and tips on cake decorating and knitting.

*I have written about another scrapbook mystery series in a past posts (July 2011 and November 2014)

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