Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Reading Challenge

Well my summer has started! Actually, last Friday was my first full day of summer vacation. I didn't write a post then because, well to be honest I was doing my favorite thing...Reading! When I finished my book Saturday evening and posted it to Facebook a friend commented asking me to provide a little information about the book in order to decide if it was worth scribbling in on her "To Read..." list. I guess she didn't know that I review all of the books I read. So, keep watching and you will find out about all of the great books I will be reading this summer.

Reading Bingo Challenge 2014
from Random House

Reading Bingo Challenge: YA Edition 2014
from Random House

One of the cool things I discovered this weekend while reading online ~ it is still reading, no matter what the material may be: Facebook, BuzzFeed, etc. ~ is a Reading Bingo Challenge from Random House. Evidently they have had one last year and I didn't know about it. I have printed off the "Original Reading Bingo" AND the "Reading Bingo Card: YA Edition" (Yes, I read YA ~ You got a problem with that?!? I didn't think so!!). I'm not going to say I will be able to complete both this summer since there are a total of 48 slots and to be fair I would have to enter one book per box. I don't want to cheat and enter a title in multiple boxes! Not to mention the fact this is the 2014 (or 2013 if you choose) challenge and not just for the summer. I guess I could go back and record the books I have already read this year into the boxes in which they would fit, but again I believe that would be cheating. I will play by the rules. Now, you don't HAVE to get a Blackout, but if I'm going to play, I'm going to WIN! So, if you are in for a fun challenge, let's see how many squares we can complete by the end of the summer. Who's in?

Reading Bingo Challenge 2013
from Random House

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