Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe

Bug on a Bike
by Chris Monroe

Chris Monroe brings together whimsical watercolor and ink illustrations and rhyming text to create a delightful read aloud. Bug gathers all of his friends to follow along on a bike ride. Bug is not telling anyone where they are going, but because his friends trust him, they follow. Up hills and down valleys, through the forest they ride. Not knowing at all where the destination of their guide. Along the way a variety of unusual "friends" are collected including an "athletic pickle" and a "shiny, round nickel". At last the friends arrive at their destination ~ Bug's Birthday Party. After making their way on such a long journey the animals quickly dive into the food and fun.

This is would be a great addition to a children's library collection. It combines children's love of birthday parties and fun characters with rhyming text and fun illustrations. Combine this book with other birthday books in order to create a celebratory story time to celebrate everyone's birthday.

*To comply with new guidelines introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Lerner Publishing Group has provided a complimentary electronic copy of this book for review purposes. My review is in no way influenced by the author or the publishing company and is solely my opinion.

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