Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Reading Challenge 2013

It seems our "assignment this summer, if we choose to accept it" is to read 500 pages of our choosing. Okay, this challenge does not bother me in the least, because I am well on my way of completing this challenge only DAYS into the summer. My disappointment comes in the fact that I am not really challenged by this at all. I know I could set my own parameters for the 500 pages, but now I am free to read whatever I want! Yes, having the choice to choose whatever I want to read this summer is fantastic, don't get me wrong. However when I have been "forced" to step out of my comfort zone of genres (children's, mystery, thrillers, historical, and science fiction) then I discover so many more authors and titles in which to fall in love. ~ Remember, you can NEVER have too many books! ~ I am a living example of the saying, "I was born with a reading list I will never finish." The summer reading challenges have given me permission to delve into areas I have really never discovered. This year, I will simply have to do it myself, or will I? At this point I can't decide. I have gathered a number of pre-pub e-books I need to review (and will post here for all to see), all of which I have selected. I'm fairly certain there are some books that are not typically on the Texas Library Lady's reading list, so I guess I will live up to previous challenges, but 500 pages - PIECE OF CAKE!!

Happy Reading ~ and let the challenge begin!

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