Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Picture Books...

A Tale of Two Daddies
by Vanita Oelschlager
A Tale of Two Mommies
by Vanita Oelschlager
A Tale of Two Mommies by Vanita Oelschlager is a delightful story about a questions and answers session between three children while playing on a beach. Two of the children (girl and boy) ask a little boy about his life with two mommies. They ask typical questions a young child would ask another in order to understand the dynamics of his household that is different from their own.

A Tale of Two Daddies also by Vanita Oelschlager, 
is also a questions and answers session, but this time it is between two children playing at the park. A little boy asks questions of a little girl about her life with two daddies.  

There is no stereotype presented in either book.  Both books can spark conversations in what society calls a "typical" household of a mother and father with children. I see this book as a great opportunity to begin a conversation about how a child in the little boy's similar situation, whether with two mommies or two daddies  can respond in a very positive manner to questions asked about his/ her family.

I do not believe either of these books should be overlooked. I think they will be great additions to any library serving young children. As librarians it is our responsibility to provide children with picture books to which they can relate. This is not something new. The point of the story is the child is loved. It doesn't matter the gender of the two adult parental units. What has been seen as a family is changing and we need to accept this fact. 

I am a heterosexual woman. I have been married for over twenty years and I have a son in college. I embrace my friends (and family) who have a different lifestyle than my own. I applaud them for having the courage to live their life in the manner they choose. The children of same sex parents are planned, which is not always the case for heterosexual couples, and they should not have a stigma placed on them for this loving environment.

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