Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Pattern for Pepper

The first thing I noticed when I open this book was the amazing attention to detail. The title, A Pattern for Pepper has a two-fold meaning in this book. Pattern can mean "a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts" as in to make a dress, or "a repeated decorative design" as would appear on material to make a dress.

Pepper and her mother visit Mr. Taylor's shop to have a very special dress made. After Pepper's measurements are taken, Mr. Taylor takes time to introduce Pepper to a variety of different patterns in the textiles she can choose from for her dress, including herringbone, seersucker, tartan, houndstooth, Ikat, Argyle, pinstripe, dotted swiss, toile, and paisley. This introduction to textiles is extremely child friendly and informative. Mr. Taylor points out the pattern, tells the name, shows an example, and gives a one sentence definition or explanation of the patterns history. It is a perfect amount of information to get the author's point across without providing too much detail.

The illustrations are amazing. Patterns are everywhere and we generally don't take the time to see them all around us. These patterns are very obvious throughout the book in the bolts of materials, the clothing, floor, and even the lamp shape in the shop.

This book will be available for purchase in August 2017.

*To comply with guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, Tundra Books has provided a complimentary electronic copy of A Pattern for Pepper for review purposes. This review is my opinion and is in no way influenced by the author or publisher.

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