Sunday, October 2, 2016

Suspenseful Family Drama

I woke up extra early this morning so I could finish the book I only put down last night because I was so sleepy I could no longer focus on the words. Have I finished the book yet? No. I could make a long list of excuses, but the fact would remain I have not finished the book because I am too anxious for the ending. Is that not simply ridiculous? I don't want to finish reading the book because I am anxious to find out the ending! You'd think I was crazy.

Faultlines: a Novel
by Barbara Taylor Sissel

I have to admit I wanted to write my review of the book before finishing the book so I wouldn't ruin this wonderful story for anyone. I have never read any other book by Barbara Taylor Sissel, but after reading (almost to conclusion - as soon as I finish typing this review) Faultlines, she will definitely be added to my list of great authors. If I were to compare her to other authors I have read, I would have to say her writing style reminds me of a cross between Lisa Scottoline and Jodi Picoult (which happen to be two of my favorites). I believe these are justifiable comparisons, not only because of the character development, but also because of the twists and turns throughout the story line. In fact, while reading I told my husband, "Wow, that was a HUGE left turn at Albuquerque!" It is one of the tings I love about these authors. You think you know where they are going and then all of a sudden they through you a curve ball.

I have a number of connections to this book. I am a native Texan (I guess that statement is kind of obvious based on the title of my blog!). I have lived my entire life in the North Texas area, but have traveled extensively throughout my life to the areas mentioned in the book. Although I do not hold the position of counselor, as one of the characters - Libby - I have worked with a number of counselors in my position as a school librarian. I know and understand the bound which can be created between a student and their school counselor. Last, but by no means least, being the mother of a son who will soon turn twenty-one, I placed myself in the position of the two mothers in this book, Sandy and Jenna. I pray I never have to actually be in their shoes, but that is one of the realities we face each day as parents. We cannot control the actions of our children, only provide them with guidance, love, and encouragement.

Like I said before I have not finished this book. I want to make that point very clear. I highly recommend this book on the portion I have read thus far (77% of the book). I will not come back and revise my review based on the ending. I don't feel I could convey a fonder appreciation for this book. I know the characters and story line will remain in my thoughts for a very long time. I now need to stop praising the writing of Faultlines and go finish the book.

*To comply with guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, Lake Union Publishing, has provided a complimentary electronic copy of Faultlines for review purposes. This review is my opinion and is in no way influenced by the author or publisher.

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