Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Writer!

Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White
by Melissa Sweet
I don't remember the first time I read E. B. White's Charlotte's Web. Honestly, I don't know if I first read the book, or heard the book read aloud to me. If I were to guess, I would say it was read aloud during elementary school, probably my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Ussery. I loved listening to her read to us each day after lunch. It would have been fine with me if she had just read to us all day long.

To this day, Charlotte's Web remains one of my very favorites. I couldn't even begin to count how many times I've read this book. It is one of the very few books I will re-read. When I was a kindergarten teacher, I read Charlotte's Web to my students every year when we studied farm animals.  I am currently re-reading it because the school district I work for is reading the book as the One District, One Book for this spring. I am so excited for the young children who will be experiencing the adventures of Wilbur, Charlotte, and even that rascal Templeton.

As soon as I saw the title of Melissa Sweet's new book, Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White, I knew it would be a book I NEEDED to read. She did not disappoint. Not only does Sweet provide a glimpse into the life of this amazing author, but she also takes us through his career as a writer. It is so cool to see the original hand written notes and manuscripts.  I was fascinated by the back story on Stuart Little and the research requested of friends for The Trumpet of the Swan. The scrapbook-like illustrations create a marvelous background for White's story and give you the feeling of being in one of his journals.

My only wish is this book was currently available. The publication date has been moved back to October 2016. I think the elementary children reading this book as part of our One District, One Book initiative would find the author's life very interesting.

I enjoy reading biographies and this is by far one of the very best I have read in a long time. The fact that it is geared toward children is even better. I have never had a problem reading a book written for children, especially if it provides me the information I need in a concise manner. I don't think a biography of E. B. White could be better presented by any author. I highly recommend Melissa Sweet's Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White for all elementary and middle school libraries and for anyone who loves White's writings. This is a fabulous celebration of a "Terrific" writer.

*To comply with new guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group, HMH Books for Young Readers has provided a complimentary electronic copy of this title for review purposes. This review is my opinion and is in no way influenced by the author, the author's publicist, or the publishing company.

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