Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stan Lee & Dex T-Rex

Today is the day! Stan Lee announced back in June the next book from his Stan Lee's Kids Universe imprint. It is (insert drum roll please) Dex T-Rex: The Mischievous Little Dinosuar by Katya Bowser. To see Mr. Lee's promo video, click here.

Dex T-Rex: The Mischievous Little Dinosaur
by Katya Bowser

Dex is an adorable blue T-Rex who is a very typical boy, even if he is a dinosaur. He plows through the grass tearing up everything he can find just for fun.In this delightful and very colorful story told in rhyme we see the devastation Dex is causing to the world around him, with nary a care. When he head butts a tree and "out fell a caterpillar, as dazed as it could be" Dex realizes the trouble he has caused. He decides to change his ways and repair what he has broken. He changes his attitude and vows to "only do things that are worthwhile".

It is humorous to see how Dex attempts to make repairs to the tree - by taping the leaves back on the branches, the flowers - by gluing them back to the stems, the stick - by tying it back together, and the grass - by using safety pins. He promises his new friend he would "never...harm anything anymore".

This is a wonderful book for young children. They will be easily able to relate to Dex and his game of dinosaur. I believe they will be empathetic to the caterpillar and quickly see Dex was in the wrong when he smashed and crashed through nature hurting all of the plants and trees. For slightly older children this is a great book to share with them about how we can't always repair things we break. Parents can talk about the tree, flowers, stick, and grass asking their child if the repairs Dex made would really work. It might even be fun to play act some of the events in the story in order to prove (or disprove) the child's response. Play with a stick. Use it to write in the dirt, or as a can to walk. Now, break the stick in half. Tie the two pieces back together and try to do the same things again.

I think this book will be a hit with young children because it is a dinosaur. I think it will also be a hit with parents because it teaches a lesson without being preachy. It teaches empathy without going over the top, and it makes everyone aware that doing good is so much better than doing harm.

*To comply with new guidelines introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Stan Lee's Kids Universe has provided a complimentary digital copy of this book for review purposes. My review is in no way influenced by the author or publishing company and is solely my opinion.

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