Monday, June 24, 2013

Preparing for the First Day of School

Okay, I know summer has just begin, but we all need to prepare for the first day of school because it will be here before we know it. Believe me, I am not counting down the days to the first day of school like we count down for the first day of summer. It's not really the same. By the time summer comes around we are all exhausted and need a break. But do we ever really stop? I mean look at me. I'm still reading and reviewing books. Granted, it is one of my passions - to read and share books, but it is also a part of my job. I read and review books so I can select the very best books for my students to read to enjoy. I build my collection and my orders throughout the summer based on these books. So in a way, throughout the summer I am preparing for the first day of school.

So, now I want to share a book that might be just the right book for some of the parents that will be bringing their dear four-year-olds to my campus on the first day of school ~ August 26th. Some of the students are so excited and can barely wait for their parents to let go of their hand when they walk in the classroom, others hold on tight and have to be physically held in the classroom as the parents leave. I would say the majority of the tears come from the parents though. So, maybe this will be just the book parents and their soon to be students need to read together in preparation for the coming school year. This book is one in a series of three titles in the Edward Almost Ready Books.

Edward Almost Goes to School
by Rosemary Wells
Edward shows that he is not quite ready to go to school. His parents help to get him ready for his first day of play school, but come the end of the week his teacher states that not everyone is ready at the same time. 

I like Edward and I know young children preparing to go off to school for the first time can relate to him. The best part of this book is where the story ends. Most people would look at the ending as the parents giving into Edward's fears of school by removing him from the situation. However, I see it a bit differently. (I'm not sure if this is the author's intent, but this is my interpretation none the less.)

The teacher makes the comment to the parents on Friday that not everyone is ready at the same time for events / activities. As the family leaves all of his new friends tell Edward to be ready soon so they can play with him again. I take this ending as an opportunity for Edward's parents to discuss the week's events over the weekend and hopefully encourage Edward to think of all of the fun his new friends will be having in the coming week. If this occurs, then maybe by the following Monday, Edward would be ready!

I highly recommend this re-issued Edward title to be added to public and school library collections. It is a perfect book to read to young children prior to the start of school to help them realize they are not the only ones scared to go to school.

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